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Cette semaine dans l’émission « What’s Up? » vous pourrez écouter un DJ set des membres du groupe OYHA ce mardi 20 et le lendemain on vous parlera de la programmation de l’Escapade à Hénin Beaumont ainsi que de la release party du groupe SELENIAN qui aura lieu mercredi 27 janvier à la maison floie de Wazemmes. Stay Tuned!!!

Le prochain RDV de l’émission Swing A Ling!!!





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  1. Excellent show Eon!!! Loved the songs!!! Xxx

  2. Chris Pope…The Chords, un de mes groupes préférés de tous les temps! Merci, Eon!

  3. chris pope, one of the best lyricists of our time , you should be humbled ian ;) x

  4. This was a tough one……I do not like TALK TALK…..not my bag…..however, I always enjoy Eon Ballinger’s approach and enthusiasm…..he did it!!!……I did not turn it off….I stuck it out and was rewarded…..their music has improved greatly……I ADMIT I WAS SURPRISED……lucky for TALK TALK that I dig Eon’s blather or I would never have known!!!

  5. Excellente émission Talk Talk, quel bonheur d’entendre les longues pièces de Mark Hollis et sa bande dans leur intégralité . Merci Eon!

  6. Quel moment de sérénité en écoutant Talk Talk!

  7. Je n’arrive pas à me connecter au Chat, je n’en peux plus ! Vraiment ! Je veuuuux me connecter, help me

  8. je t’ecoute Adrien!!!
    belle rumba!!!

  9. Un pti coucou de Montreal a mon bon ami David Asko !!!!! et joyeuses fetes a tous !!

  10. La première fois que j’ai vu Spear of Destiny, c’était en juin 1987 en première partie de U2 au stade de Wembley. Merci Sir Eon pour l’émission de ce soir.

  11. LONDON CALLING…..Eon at it again…..this time with the SPEAR OF DESTINY…..certainly not my bag….terrible name…..etc…..however, being the crafty bastard that he is, Sir Eon keeps me interested….he is a fun guy and has a natural way with his guests…..damn you, Sir Eon and your cool show!!!!!

  12. Just listened to the Steve Diggle interview. Absolute class!!! Always been a big Buzzcocks / Diggle fan but now also signing up to be another Eon Ballinger regular listener. I shall be passing the word around my mates to tune-in in future too. Just wish we had some radio as classy as this in London.

  13. yet again,Sir Eon has presented us with a fantastic show!! This time withj one of my closest friends..Mr. Steve Diggle. Steve has been there for me in the good and bad times in my life. From being my best man at my wedding to anna in 1996 to helping me to keep it together when anna sadly passed away in 2008. anyway,Sir Eon connects as friends do and the interview with steve about his life and music is honest and informative. Sir Eon’s choice of tunes to play from his 3 solo albums makes a great compilation of steve’s solo work.I saw steve last night at the band on my label Ra Ra Rok..CuT aftershow party and he too said how enjoyable doing the interview with Sir Eon was…Many thanks Sir Eon for such a wonderful and heart felt interview xxx

  14. Excellent Diggle Special. Keep up the good work Eon!

  15. ….great show!…we had the pleasure of meeting Steve at our gig in Lille last year…top bloke..great memories x

  16. Lovely interview with Mr. D! Nice job, Eon! With lots of love from SF! xxxx

  17. Merci Sir Eon pour ce spécial steve diggle ! Emission toujours très intéressante. Nous attendons la prochaine avec impatience !!!

  18. Thanks again to Sir Eon,he seems to know the right questions to ask.Saw the Buzzcocks here in Australia earlier this year and they were « Shit Hot » This interview seals it all.Please comeback to Australia.Well done once again and looking forward to next show.Mod On from Australia.

  19. With the Steve Diggle special on LONDON CALLING…….Ballinger SHOOTS….HE SCORES!!!!…..nice one……a winning team…..

  20. As always, another tip top show from Ballo! Keep ‘em coming . . .

  21. Sir Eon never disappoints, his shows are head and shoulders above anything else of a similar ilk. The secret lies in Eon’s intelligence and passion for his subjects which always makes for riveting listening. All Mod Icon has a huge following all over the world and we always urge our readers to tune in, as having good taste we know that they will not be disappointed with his brilliantly crafted shows. Respect. Drew

  22. Excellente émission ce soir encore, tellement rare d’entendre Steve Diggle… Super merci Sir Eon B.

  23. Très bonne idée d’inviter Steve Diggle qui réjouit un vieux fan parisien des Buzzcocks comme moi…

  24. Très bonne émission!

  25. Top show again Eon!! How you tap into people’s brains is amazing!!!!

  26. Top show with Steve Diggle. Respect to Eon on securing another top name from the world of music to share with his listeners.

  27. …..great hearing those tracks again. Was honoured to see the great man last month at a book launch….absolute legend….great show x

  28. Merci pour ce bel hommage à Lou Reed, Mr Eon !
    Thanks a lot,
    Rock on

  29. Excellente soirée ce lundi avec Lou Reed! Merci Sir Eon B.

  30. ON VEUT DU LIVE !!!!!

  31. Bravo Eon encore une fois un show exeptionnel hier soir. J’aime ta manière d’être, ta personnalité… ta voix sexy!!!!
    à bienot, xxx

  32. YET another great show last night. The Bolan special was, as always, great listening . . . the reason I like these shows is the fact that you always discover something you never knew about the artist. Keep up the good work mate x

  33. Thhe groover!…..great show, music still sounds as fresh as a daisy! xx

  34. The Marc Bolan special……YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………atta boy, Sir Eon!!!……one can always use a Bolan recharge……even me…..glad to be a tiny part of it!…..John Fallon of THE STEPPES

  35. Sir Eon. Your obvious love of music bursts through the radio speakers! And you get the most from your guests. Keep it up. I’m buying.

  36. Eon Ballinger is the 21st century boy! Une émission spéciale sur Marc Bolan…formidable!

  37. Hi Eon,
    Just listened to ‘London Calling’ and your excellent birthday programme dedicated to Marc Bolan of T.Rex. 90mins worth of bolanic excellence interspersed with comments and soundbites from the likes of Dr Robert (Blow Monkeys), Dave Parsons (Sham 69), Herbie Flowers (T.Rex), etc… Rock on!

  38. Fab interview Eon, what a good sounding band for a change,success should be soon ‘alone again’ is the summer song of 2013

  39. Great show eon , superb interview and fab band

  40. Great show Eon , love the band ferris , where can we find more of there music

  41. Hi Eon,
    Really enjoyed the interview so funny I don’t know how you managed to get as to open up like that but thank you thank you really funny hopefully the music makes up for the jokes,
    I have had lots of emails from people saying how much they enjoyed your show, One word yesssssssssssssss

  42. Hi Eon,
    Just listened to the Ferris really funny and good music, I have to say how did you get the band to open up! I agree ‘Alone Again’ would be a fab single for the summer!
    Now I need to buy the album

  43. Totally enjoyed the broadcast Eon, you have an uncanny knack for getting to the truth and fun out of interviews, very funny, very interesting just had emails saying they enjoyed the programme tonight! As always you manage to get the other side of interviews one word……..YESSSSSSSSS X

  44. Listening to Sir Eon’s special on a new group called FERRIS……good guitar work…..they have promise…..Eon gets to the bottom of things and sorts ‘em out….says what is best and not best…I like that….Eon can be critical….but not snide….friendly…..sometimes dangerous….but always Eon….and that is why I continue to listen to his show. He knows how to speak the language of musicians….and make sense of it!

  45. Merci pour l’émission spéciale Ferris ce soir, Sir Eon. Une belle découverte une fois encore.

  46. Looking forward to this one Eon , ferris are definitely a band to watch out for

  47. Fab interview Eon! You always ask the right questions fab show x

  48. I am a great fan, such great music! what more can I say :-)

  49. Loved the show last night. Great album.

  50. Another interesting….and different show from Sir Eon…..GLAMWEAZEL….for a MOD glam geezer….me!…..I love Eon’s wacky banter…..probably because I think he is yapping at only me….and other people are listening in when they should be working or cooking…..if you are cooking….I’ll have what Eon’s having and a Guinness….thanks….

  51. Absolutely fine London Calling show tonight. Glamweazel are a hell of a fine band and I enjoyed every minute.

  52. Sir Eon showing us his talent for finding hidden diamonds again tonight.

  53. Cant wait to see Glamweazel playing later this year. You guys rock.

  54. ….’Eon….I’m only dancing’ around the room to Glamweazel….really enjoying the show….loving the tunes and the banter …you have a great ability to get your guests to actually answer the questions!…already looking forward to the repeat…long may you run!

  55. Rocking in bed to RCV Lille! Vive Sir Eon!

  56. Je ne connaissais pas Glamweazel. Merci Sir Eon pour la découverte. Excellent, comme d’hab.

  57. Loving the show tonight Sir Eon. Ill be tuning in again soon.

  58. Fantastick! Great show tonight man!

  59. bonjour ju
    cela va être compliqué de le retrouver
    si toutefois cela se reproduit , n’hésite pas de passer un coup de fil dans le studio au 0320545400
    a bientôt et reste fidèle à RCV !

  60. London Calling… great show on Monday evening Eon with Rick Buckler, the most articulate member of The Jam.

  61. A totally unique and thoroughly engrossing interview with Rick Buckler who is an absolute gent of a man and was an integral part of The Jam sound – just like my Paul Weller magazine All Mod Icon its an intelligent and insighful piece, which avoids the usual Jam cliches that are periodically rolled out and instead opts for an approach that is highly individual which serves to draw out some never-before-heard insights into the creation of Jam tracks. The whole experience was rivetting from start to finish and for that I applaud Sir Eon Ballinger for creating possibly one of the best Jam related pieces I’ve ever heard. Keep up the great work, Drew Hipson, Editor, All Mod Icon.

  62. A totally unique and thoroughly engrossing interview with Rick Buckler who is an absolute gent of a man and was an integral part of The Jam sound – just like my Paul Weller magazine All Mod Icon its an intelligent and insighful piece, which avoids the usual Jam cliches that are periodically rolled out and instead opts for an approach that his highly individual which serves to draw out some never-before-heard insights into the creation of Jam tracks. The whole experience was rivetting from start to finish and for that I applaud Sir Eon Ballinger for creating possibly one of the best Jam related pieces I’ve ever heard. Keep up the great work, Drew Hipson, Editor, All Mod Icon.

  63. Another great show, nice to hear Rick’s views for a change!

  64. Loved the Rick Buckler interview…Great to hear it as it happened from the man! Another top quality show from Sir Eon, well researched and methodically executed. Thanks and carry on the good work in educating our European neighbours to what great music sounds like.


  65. ganother great show well worth listening,thank you eon great stuff mate x

  66. manifique adrien je boie un coup a la santé de tous les auditeurs de la radio et aux techniciens animateurs…… surtout toi bien

  67. Thanks Eon for the Jam special – special indeed. More of the same please!

  68. Great show as always, Sir Eon Nails it once again!

    Stau Tuned, same time same Bat channel!

  69. Fantastic show Eon….can it get any better?!?!

  70. Rick was the most down to earth rock star that you could meet and it doesn’t surprise me that he gave such a good interview. The Gift was their last album, and whilst it wasn’t the greatest ever, it’s stood the test of time – Carnation – what a toon! Great show Eon.

    Dennis Munday – The Jam’s A&R manager.

  71. Formidable! De la radio comme on en fait plus! Merci beaucoup, Eon…vivement la prochaine!

  72. Unreal again Sir Eon.I think the Jam were Thee Band of their era.I live them and I loved the interview.So many Mod,Jam Fans in Australia.We were all upset when « From the Jam » cancelled.Keep it up Sir Eon. »Keep The Faith » from all Aus Mods.

  73. Sir Eon….bringing home the goods…..AGAIN!!! The Jam were the most dynamic band around in the late ’70s to the end of ‘82….they were a gift to all of us looking for kicks with style….and Eon’s special « THE GIFT »…..gave it to us all over again….the era ended at the close of ‘82 and The JAM stopped being the gift that keep on giving….Harrison was right…ALL THINGS MUST PASS…..but never forget the grand and noble efforts by those we loved…..WAIT!!!…I guess I was wrong….The JAM are still a gift that gives me a kick….and I need a damn good kicking sometimes!….John Fallon of THE STEPPES in Las Vegas….

  74. fantastic interview..as always sir eon!!! i was a jam fan from the 1st single but admit i lost interest with the jam after ‘this is the modern world’ album.i point out that i saw the jam at the nashville early autumn 1977 and they were amazing!!! really one of my all time favourite gigs ever!!! tonights show though opened my mind and ears to what a great band the jam were. im defo going to be listening to all the jam’s recorded output as sir eons selection of jam tunes on this show were excellent and have inspired me to properly listen and love this legendary english band.

  75. Excellent interview with the Jam’s Rick Butler by Eon Ballinger. London Calling one of the finest shows on radio. Cheers wild man! x

  76. Jam today, Jam tomorrow, or whatever the saying is. Lovely show. Excellent interview with geezer Rick Butler. (See what I did there?) Love and Peace.

  77. Excellente émission ce soir encore: merci aux Jam, à Rick Buckler (magnifique interview) et par dessus tout à Sir Eon Ballinger!!!

  78. Merci pour cette belle émission sur The Jam ! What a gift Sir Eon!…
    In rock we trust… x